Könyvajánló: Immortal Hun by Tibor Farkas

Tibor’s just released fictional book is filled with action in three different historical times, the time of Attila, World War II, and in Modern times.

Read the description on Amazon Kindle and order it in printed or eBook form. Search for The Immortal Hun by Tibor Farkas in Historical  Fiction, Attila the Hun, Rare Swords.

If you cannot access it on the Internet buy it directly from Tibor for $15.9 plus $4.00 for shipping.

Tibor was born and lived in Hungary until the 1956 Revolution. He immigrated to the US and lives in Southern California. His career was in the Aerospace industry, he worked on both the Apollo Moon landing and the Space Shuttle as an engineer and manager.

The Immortal Hun is his second published book. The other is in Hungarian. (Ezért emlékezem Budatétényre)

You can contact Tibor by e-mail at tfarkas1@att.net for more information on your purchase.
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