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2019. július 6. - Laguna Beach, CA - Artist Reception featuring Judit Csotsits: "Undercurrents" - Avran Fine Art

Avran Fine Art Phone (949) 494-0900 540 South Coast Highway, Suite 104+106,  Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Judit Csotsits is a Hungarian-b...

Avran Fine Art
Phone (949) 494-0900

Judit Csotsits is a Hungarian-born artist now living and working out of Los Angeles, CA. Her artistic technique involves pouring acrylic paints onto a canvas, then tipping the canvas this way and that to create a dramatic flow of the paints and textures. After this process has dried, she goes back in with a fine tipped brush to further enhance the dynamic flow of her work.

"My paintings are created intuitively in that I allow the process to dictate the outcome and I respond to the moment that each movement of paint on the surface generates. It pulls me fully into the moment of creating each mark or flow. I feel that the process is, therefore, a reminder that each moment is a manifestation of its own creation. While there is a history to draw upon and a visual vocabulary that is reflected throughout the work, the joy for me comes through the process of making each piece. Once finished, the paintings are a record of their own creation and pull the viewer into the macro or micro perspective of the process of manifestation present throughout the cosmos.

The paintings reflect an organic movement and evolution on a primordial level. The interaction of chemicals and the fluidity that creates an organic life form are the same processes of nature that carve out planets and continents. They reflect fractal patterns, which are patterns left behind due to unpredictable natural processes. The branching of trees, the veins of a hand, water moving and twisting through canals and riverbeds are a few examples. The paintings create a tension between the effect of gravity on the paint and the use of controlled intention behind the flow. They are a metaphor for the tension between human beings' need for knowledge and control and their inability to understand nor control the Universe. I am interested in exploring the intersection between spirituality, science, and art through my work."

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