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2019. augusztus 24. - Monrovia, CA - The Artistic Finta Family - Exhibit at Scenic Drive Gallery

125 W. Scenic Drive, Monrovia CA. 91016 Reception:  Saturday, August 24, 2-5 PM Refreshments, Please RSVP. ...

Reception:  Saturday, August 24, 2-5 PM

Refreshments, Please RSVP.

The exhibit may be visited by appointment until September 1.

The family’s artistic talents go back to Sandor Finta’s grandfather Alexander Finta and his two brothers Samuel and Gergely were well-known sculptors in the early 1900s in Hungary, France, Brazil, and the USA. Gergely Finta worked under Rodin, and Alexander Finta, whose works can be found at great museums worldwide.

The grandson Sandor Finta ( deceased at a young age ) the father of the Los Angeles family was also a talented sculptor of Hungary who used marble as his favorite for his abstract organically shaped sculptures.   He was a member of the Art Found of the Hungarian Republic, The Association of Sculptors in Hungary and the United States and the leader of KEVI KOR. Among the many exhibitions: Winer Park Gallery, Orlando and Makk Gallery, Beverly Hills.

Ilona Finta, wife of Sandor and mother of their two children  Ilona Wanda Finta and Sandor G. Finta came to America in 1997. Ilona is a character of great curiosity and receptive to all arts. She is mostly self-thought and likes to express herself in the past few years in visual art.

Daughter Ilona Wanda Finta is a multi-disciplinary artist, expressing herself on stage: acting, dancing, and singing.  She is daring to jump around the avenues of self-expression and self-discovery. She is well known and loved by the Los Angeles community.

Sandor G. Finta is an experimental/electronic musician and visual artist. He is also a live performer. His musical projects include Andorkappen, Lord Time, Harrasor, Wounded head, KILT, Democracy, and others. He is an active designer and painter, having created most of the artwork for his musical project’s releases as well as countless concert posters and flyers.

Mother Mrs. Sandor Finta  and daughter Ilona Wanda and son, Sandor Gergely are all  artists who give the best gifts to each other by critiquing and by challenging one other

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