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Deception and Reality: Living Through the Missing Pages of History - a book by Gabor Kele

Deception and Reality is a book that is filled with exciting real life events told through the eyes of a survivor of WWII, communist terro...

Deception and Reality is a book that is filled with exciting real life events told through the eyes of a survivor of WWII, communist terror, and occupations by foreign armies. This book will hold your attention from beginning to end as you read about the sovereignty and grace of God.

It is a journey of a young man through extraordinary events of peace, love, dangers, and fears during and after World War II. There are stories within stories which show the fascinating lives of many in war and peace. It records the life and survival through incredible events and testimonials which help sift truth from deceptive history lines. Each story contains relevant information which is applicable to current political tensions here and around the world. It shows how hiding the mistakes made by the world powers can lead to animosity among people, nations, and religions, making a more peaceful world unattainable.

Rated 5* 

Available at Barnes & Nobles, Amazon or other book outlets in Hard-Copy, E-Book, or Kindle formats.

Few comments from readers below:

"This book shouts of Hungary and its dreadful time of tribulation by one who lived and knows, by one who loved and lost, by one who still remembers: the infliction from surrounding neighbors, from supposed friends and allies." - Anthony Eddy

"This book is a must read for all of European ancestry, for it is a treasure for each family, for each library, for wherever truth is sought and kept by the guardians of tomorrow."  - Anthony Eddy, New Zealand

"I pray that this book will reach the hearts of our world leaders and policy makers..."  - Floreza Alpuerto, - Philippines 

"Kele's story is set in time when the threat of discovery requires extraordinary courage to do the right thing." - Donna S., California

"...The stories unfold from a storyteller beginning from chapter 1 on... The book is full of unreported historical events, intrigue, passion, and daring love. Many sections are gripping as anything you have ever read so far, but please don't read ahead!"  - Dr. C. N. T. England 

"Deception and reality by Mr. Gabor is written for all people; young, old, and in between. Especially for those who seek the truth for those who can gain deeper appreciation of the freedom they enjoy, and for those who still suffer but will find solace in knowing they're not alone and not forgotten. The readers should find these original stories unique, enlightening, and an entertaining learning experience."

"Deception & Reality is one of the most exciting stories I have ever had the opportunity to read. Strictly speaking it would be called an autobiography but that is an inadequate description of these thrilling episodes of living under difficult circumstances. The stories unfold from a storyteller from the first chapter to the last. These are stories within stories. The book is full of unreported historical events that intrique passion and daring love. We should all be thankful for the opportunity to absorb his accounts of how to survive hardship and appreciate our freedom in the West."

"The young man tells his story so that we can experience it and feel it through his eyes and ears, and not only does it come alive. It tells a larger story omitted from history as written by the victors, which is never the whole story, or necessarily true story."

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