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2018. október 27. - Monrovia, CA - Exhibit in the Scenic Drive Gallery

Scenic Drive Gallery Presents an Exhibit By Transylvanian – American Artist Eva Balog-Sipos Place:    125 W. Scenic Drive, Monr...

Scenic Drive Gallery Presents an Exhibit

By Transylvanian – American Artist Eva Balog-Sipos

Reception Saturday, October 27, 2018     2pm-5pm

RSVP - 626-359-3946

The exhibit may be visited until November 4 by appointment

ABOUT THE ARTIST by Susan Dobay, Curator of Scenic Drive Gallery.

Browsing through Facebook a group of visual artwork attracted my attention. The variety of images mostly done by watercolor, pencil and ink drawings were done by Eva Balog-Sipos. I was curious to see the originals and Eva brought a selection to my gallery for exhibiting consideration. The originals were even more impressive in Life.

The artist was born in Brasov in Transylvania. She studied Graphic and Decorative Design in Brasov. She continued her study at the Glendale Community College. At the Glendale Community College’s Studio Art Gallery She was awarded the "2010 Russell Bakken Memorial Scholarship" and one of her paintings was chosen s  to be on the cover of the annual Christmas card sent by the college staff.

ARTIST STATEMENT I have always been amazed by nature and its colors. But what I am most impressed by is the shape, color, and fragility of flowers.  I find in them the symbol of life and love.  Thus, they are my most source of inspiration. My natural inclination has always been to paint with strong color contrasts and texture. Usually, my paintings mean what they are representing, not what I can put in words, if my paintings would be the language of words, I would express them in writing. With the colors and brush strokes, I tried to communicate with a space within ourselves that is far deeper than words. Most of these paintings are painted with the traditional watercolor techniques, but some of them are done with ink instead of watercolor paints. I like to play with the techniques, delighting in luscious washes, following the creative flow of the color and water on the paper. I just did my job, painting, drawing, and following the sacred mystery of the creative process.

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