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Anna Lynn Reeves: November 7-14 - The 19th Hungarian Film Festival is just around the corner

Bela and Bonnie Bunyik worked very hard to provide a wonderful program for Hungarian film lovers. I always eagerly anticipate seeing the f...

Bela and Bonnie Bunyik worked very hard to provide a wonderful program for Hungarian film lovers. I always eagerly anticipate seeing the films that will be showcased at the festival from our beloved Hungary.  As always, the festival welcomes non-Hungarian speakers, and enjoys seeing them in the audience.  All films are presented with English subtitles.  Please tell your friends and acquaintances to come join us.

This year the festival will take place between November 7-14 at the Laemmle Town Center 5 located at 17200 Ventura Boulevard, Encino CA 91316.

I asked Bela Bunyik, President of Bunyik Enterprises, Inc. and Bonnie Bunyik, Vice President of the Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles a few questions about the upcoming event.

Bela and Bonnie Bunyik
Anna Lynn Reeves: First of all, thank you for organizing the festival for the local Hungarian audience for many years now. I have always wondered how you select the movies for the festival?

Bela & Bonnie Bunyik: There are a tremendous amount of films to choose from each year. The Festival has always kept in mind to be as diverse as possible.
In reading about the films and the help from the Hungarian National Film Fund and the National Media and Info-communications we have a good idea of what films we should bring to the United States for screening. One of our criteria is award-winning films and the film that has been selected for the Oscars and Golden Globes.  Choosing Documentary Films and Animations is one of our favorite jobs as they always have so much to say and offer.
In choosing the film we also keep in mind that this festival gives the chance to non-traditional filmmakers to be taken seriously and a voice to films that would otherwise not have a theatrical screening in this region.

AR:  Who are this year's invited guests from Hungary?

B&B Bunyik: The director of the 2020 Academy Award entry for Best Foreign Film "Those Who Remained" Barnabas Toth. The actress and star of the opening Festival film "Bad Poems" Katica Nagy, A Gabor Reisz's romantic comedy. Director Kata Dobo and Producer Mona Sarosi with the film Ray Cooney's comedy, "Flat for Fun". Dr. Sandor Tako from the Pazmany Peter University who will be doing a lecture at UCLA on the "History of the Hungarian film Life and influence of Hollywood's two Hungarian Born Founding Fathers".

AR: Like every year, there will be a “Life Time Achievement Award” given to someone. Who is the recipient of that award this year?

B&B Bunyik: The Life Time Achievement award will be given to Lili Monori.
Unfortunately, she will not be able to attend in person due to personal health reasons.

AR: Where can you find the festival program?

B&B Bunyik: Our Festival website is:, Facebook, Instagram
Everything people need to know regarding the festival is there. Films, Documentaries, and Animations are the best that Hungary has to offer. We do believe that there is something for everyone and to get the word out is very important.  There is and always has been the power of cinema for so many reasons and to be able to sit for a few moments and be able to laugh, cry or even think is what makes this festival what it is.

AR:  What prizes will be given to the filmmakers, and who are the members of the jury?

B&B Bunyik: Life Time Achievement Award, Special Award by Andrew Friedman... and Cinema Without Borders Award  The Jury will present the awards at the opening night November 7th for Best Film; Best Director; Best Actor; Best Actress; Best Cinematographer. Giving out the names of the winners would spoil the surprise of who wins.

Thank you very much Bela and Bonnie for your hard work every year. Thank you for bringing the best of Hungarian cinema to Los Angeles year after year. See you at the movies.

Anna Lynn Reeves 

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